My quest for perfection in iPhone protection.

nüüd for iPhone 5s by LifeproofFirst stop, the nüüd case for iPhone 5s by Lifeproof ($89.00). This case intrigued me because like all Lifeproof cases, it’s waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof, and shockproof but unlike all Lifeproof cases, it offers screenless technology, so end-users can touch their actual iPhone 5s’s touchscreen. My one issue with this case is it’s Otterbox-like front appearance but I figured it was worth a shot as long as I kept the receipt. I gave this case the good old college try but I just couldn’t get over it’s clunky appearance. Returned.

Next stop, I tried the InvisibleSHIELD HD for iPhone 5/5s by ZAGG ($25.99). I’ve tried the original InvisibleSHIELD by Zagg in the past but I didn’t like it and I was hoping Zagg had made improvements in the HD version. False. I had the exact same experience with the Zagg HD screen protector as I had previously with the original. Here are my issues: the installation is almost impossible to get right, the screen protector basically downgrades the end-user’s iPhone navigation experience due to the tacky finish of the product, and the famous, “microbubbles” are finicky and while some of them may disappear over time or the others are there to stay. Returned.



Next and final stop, the InvisibleSHIELD Glass Screen Protector by ZAGG ($39.99). This screen protector is LIGHT YEARS ahead of the other screen protecters in the Zagg InvisibleSHIELD family. Installation is a snap, the tempered-glass material looks and feels amazing, and ZAGG offers a lifetime limited warranty as long as you register your product (and I would keep the receipt too). The video I have included is the one I watched while installing my screen protector. The young man in the video has some great tips on how to install it perfectly. Enjoy!


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